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10 Reasons why eLearning Fail

It is always good to here something you have always known through experience, or gut feelings being said differently. Today, I participated in a webcast on 10 reasons why eLearning Fail by Will Hipwell of GeoLearning. He outlines the as:

  1. Wrong Learning Strategy – Inappropriate content
  2. Poorly Designed Content – Poor learner experience
  3. Poorly Designed Program – Lack of support
  4. Not Tracking Enrollments and Results – Lack of data
  5. LMS Technology Fails – Difficult to find and launch
  6. Delivery Technology Fails – Content cannot run
  7. Stakeholders not bought in – Managers do not support
  8. Poor support infrastructure – Nowhere to go for help
  9. Poor business alignment – Poor overall buy in to program
  10. Poor workflow integration – Not integrated into business processes

Although the contexts, reasons and environment that Higher Education Institutions operate might be different from the for-profit organizations, most of this points are valid and applicable. Hipwell in his presentation offers insightful suggestions to counter these failure points.

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