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December, 2006

Kenya has a National ICT Policy Document

As an extension to my earlier post one eLearning policy, I have come across a National ICT Policy document for Kenya that recognise eLearning: 2.5 ELECTRONIC LEARNING The lack of a policy framework on e-learning has hampered its development and utilisation. In this regard, there is need to:a) Provide affordable infrastructure to facilitate dissemination of […]


Success of eLearning Programmes and Initiatives

After I posted the blog on 10 reasons whey eLearning initiatives fail, my friends and I were engaged in a diagnostic discussion of why it is difficult to create sustainable projects in Africa. The concern was mainly on the public and donor funded projects. Some of the strong points that came out are: Some of […]


10 Reasons why eLearning Fail

It is always good to here something you have always known through experience, or gut feelings being said differently. Today, I participated in a webcast on 10 reasons why eLearning Fail by Will Hipwell of GeoLearning. He outlines the as: Wrong Learning Strategy – Inappropriate content Poorly Designed Content – Poor learner experience Poorly Designed […]


Life after Blackboard

If home is where the heart is, then we should make our homes better places to live. An equity trend analysis by Forbes has shown that Blackboard Inc is on top of the chart of companies whose insiders are disposing off their shares. This clearly shows even the insiders have no confidence with Blackboard’s future […]


Screen Capture & Tutorial Creating tools

Today I was searching for Open Source Software that I can use to develop some tutorials and guides as supplement materials for my eLearning Training and support. I have seen Viewlet Builder in action, but I did not like it because1. It is proprietary, though we have a license for a number of computers.2. It […]


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