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December, 2006

From Blackboard to Whiteboard

A walk around some educational institutions have shown that there is a great decline in the number of blackboards in use. Instead, most of the the educational institutions are using whiteboards. I do not know if the person who invented the blackboard had patented the various ways you could hang it up in a classroom, […]


Using Technology to Reach Out People on HIV/AIDS

Today is World AIDS Day and according to the UN “World AIDS Day is a day when people from around the world come together within a single effort. The global theme for the World AIDS Day 2006 is accountability – and the slogan is “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.“” If the promise is to stop […]


What are your Greatest Learning Experiences and/or Opportunities?

Today I attended a session on equality in education. The assignment below was given to the participants in groups of two members each. Each one was to interview a partner and report back to whole panel. It amazed me what we use or see as our greatest learning experiences. I took the notes in italics […]


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