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January, 2007

Where do we go from here?

I have been keenly observing and reading what bloggers have predicted for eLearning in 2007. With all the predictions, or at least the ones I have set my eyes on, what struck me is that there was nothing new. At no one time, during my reading did I stop to think…aha…! This is a new […]


What eLearning Promises

An article by Vinay Choubey: E-learning and its Benefits, lists some of the promises of eLearning. I will paraphrase them according to my understanding, eLearning promises to: Anytime, anywhere access: you do not need to travel, and you have the flexibility of where and when to access your learning materials By making hard and boring […]


Driving high adoption of eLearning – the 4 As

Why are people not adopting eLearning? Michael Grant and Rick Nigol in their archived webnar titled Driving Higher Adoption for Your eLearning using A “Four A” approach offer a four-A approach to eLearning adoption. 1. Accessibility: how easy is it for the target learners to access and use technology?2. Attitudes: what level of comfort do […]


What determines the Success of an eLearning Iniative

A while back, I posted about determinants success of online initiatives. Over and over I have been trying to define what success in terms of elearning for Higher Education would be. Are there set criteria that can be employed to measure the success? What can be used to measure the success of eLearning? Is it […]


All for Text Books and Digital Publications

Today I woke up two hours late than I usually do. Immediately after doing the morning rituals – showering, having breakfast etc, I turned on my computer to catch up with what has been happening in preparation for my first work-day in the year tomorrow. After more than three weeks of a restful break. I […]


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