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September, 2009

Taking Time to Teach and Learn

Today I stumbled upon one of my fanatical blog followers who lamented that there is no new post for a while. True. This space has had no activity for sometimes but soon vibrancy will resonate (politically speaking). I have been facilitating a big class on Information Systems Implementation that has occupied most of my time. […]


Commandments of religious blogging

I thought that church leaders issuance of “ten commandments of religious blogging” was a bit hilarious. But I guess they were timely given the nature of content that is being spawned on the Internet. Hope this is another stub at co-creation woes. What would be the “ten commandments of educational blogging?”


Co-creation: Selecting Wheat from Tares

I am not sure if the people who are alarmed or sending warning on the future of the internet can be labeled as pessimists, or they are just timorous of the potential of the web. The BBC online today reports of one Sir Tim Berners-Lee worries about the spread and propagation of misinformation on the […]


Government funding in Higher Education

This week there are two articles on the funding of Higher Education (HE) that have caught my attention. One of the articles talk of a professor who has just discovered a “Better way to cut up of the pie” in South Africa, while the other one talks of a noble way of “Paying universities to […]


eLearning in Kenya Universities

Killing my curiosity this Sunday, I decided to go through the websites of the Higher Educations institutions in Kenya to check about the level and status of use of eLearning. This is where all the dons are on strike asking their respective employers to add some dimes on their plates. Whether they are justified or […]


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