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Some fear that e-learning will erode African knowledge. This isn’t true

When people discuss the challenges related to e-learning (the use of electronic technology to facilitate learning), they tend to focus on access. This can mean access to financial resources to buy equipment as well as geographical constraints: some regions are simply too remote and underdeveloped to be properly connected to the internet – or even […]


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Linux: User Interfaces and the swap space

Recently, somebody posed the following questions to me regarding Linux. I have placed the responses here. For question one, the response is on user interfaces and not file management interfaces. 1. In Linux, what are the two main types of user interfaces that can be used for file management? Describe the main benefits and drawbacks […]


How to create poverty and intellectual dominion in the education system

Educational news coming over the weekend was not pleasant at all. It seems, at least to me, that what we are doing is creating poverty and perpetuating intellectual dominion over the already poor and already disproportionately marginalised majority. This is how.  Majority of teachers teaching grades 1-3 do not only have the disciplinary knowledge to […]


Indiscipline, freedom and education

Over the last moon-months, I have been agonising on the effects of over-democratising educational offerings, and the effects such measures would have on the future of a nation, or what I would call now the future of work and potential tax-payers. Indeed, the issue of democracy as it is is not well understood – and […]


Consistency in “dumbing down” education

Reading a commentary by Mamphela Ramphele on “Destroying seeds of our future” in last weekend’s Sunday Times, leaves me worried about the future of a nation because of the dumbing down of education. This phenomenon of dumbing down education was reported in the US – that to some commentators started in the 1960s, it has […]


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