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Driving high adoption of eLearning – the 4 As

Why are people not adopting eLearning? Michael Grant and Rick Nigol in their archived webnar titled Driving Higher Adoption for Your eLearning using A “Four A” approach offer a four-A approach to eLearning adoption.

1. Accessibility: how easy is it for the target learners to access and use technology?
2. Attitudes: what level of comfort do the target learners have with technology that would position them to learn through technology?
3. Ability: how competent are people with technology and with learning through technology?
4. Appropriateness: do people have a preference for accessing learning through technology?

The also answer the question “why care about adoption?” – saying that the value of eLearning is only achieved if people use it, and even “mandatory programs do not always get adopted”. There so many studies that have been done on adoption of innovation – using different models and approaches (e.g the Theory of Planned Action, Technology Acceptance Model, herding or bandwagon effect) but none of them seem to get explain or give solutions on how to drive high adoption of innovation.

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