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A blog, short for web log is a personal journal or diary (that is frequently updated and published) intended for the general public. Blogs are usually hosted on a Web site to represent personal reflections, experiences, ideals, reactions etc regarding a topic or a series of random topics. Words that are closely associated with it are blogging (verb), blogger(noun), and edublog.

Edublog is a blog that is intended for educational purposes e.g in a Learning Management System. Though, in its infacy, edublogging presents a flexible way to learners’ expression of ideas, conversations, dialogues, regarding not only their encounters in the classroom, but also things outside their classrooms that enhance or hinder learning. Developing a blogging culture, in my opinion not develops the learners’ creativity but their writing skills and to some extents desire to learn further so that one can write credible journals.

To the educator, it may be a way to present him or her with an opportunity to understand the learners’ passions and talents. This would allow him nurture or tap the talents to the benefits of the learners and the whole learning process.

Edublogs are not without challenges. There are the questions of getting the learners motivated to write and share their journals. To the educator, the challenges of showing the learners’ how the edublogs can be used for learning purposes – given that a good number of educators do not have an idea of what blogging is.

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