The eLearning Fundi

Random reflections about eLearning in Africa

The Fundi

The eLearning Fundi!

As the eLearning Fundi I have a wealth of experience on eLearning and Information Systems spanning more than fourteen years.

In eLearning, my practical and research experience is in the area of development and implementation of eLearning and learning technologies in developing countries, specifically in Africa. The development and implementation covers the broad spectrum of educational technologies including  instructional design, training and support, new tools and technologies for eLearning, current trends and directions in eLearning.

On the Information Systems, my teaching and research are in the areas of Digital and social inclusion, Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D), Free and Open source software (FOSS), Free and Open Courses and Open Access, social computing, Big Data and Business Intelligence, and Information Systems Evaluation. 

Why the name Fundi?

Fundi is a Zulu and Swahili word for an expert or specialist or a skilled craftsman.

I have been working on eLearning in Higher Educaiton both in the Kenya and South Africa.  I believe that eLearning specifically in Higher Education in Africa is a reality that has come, that cannot be lightly wished off, and one that is likely to define the Universities’ future success in terms of reaching out wider and newer markets.  

I am a being a strong believer in my potential, I have earned the title eLearning Fundi.